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Help with Exports and MicroExports

If you’re happy with the results from trading in your local or domestic market: great! But there is a big wide world outside the United Kingdom that can help your business grow and flourish. What’s holding you back?

We know from experience that many business owners and directors are frightened away from overseas and international trade.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“I have the wrong product or service to bother about exporting.”
“I don’t trust doing business internationally because I’ve heard about corruption and other nasty stories.”
“My business can’t take foreign payments (or even UK payments!).”
“I don’t know anyone in the target market who can help us.”
“I’m embarrassed I only speak English so have to find someone overseas who also speaks English.”

Be confident, because we can help you overcome all these perceived barriers. For example,

We offer business and technology support:

Many products and even services can be exported. This just means a foreign customer buys what you’re selling. It doesn’t have to be complicated or even involve shipping. Video communications and online payment have revolutionised transactions in recent years. There are a great number of shippers and pick’n’pack solutions.

We offer technical and professional support:

There are many countries where technology is even more advanced of the UK, and where a sale and a transaction is just as honest, safe and secure as in the UK. Yes, there are riskier places, but we can help you make informed decisions about trading in those.

We offer support and guidance for our clients on security, culture and business in countries around the world:

There are uniform, well-understood systems for international transfers and payments using secure channels. It just pays to have clear procedures and policies in place to handle payments. These can include having bank accounts, using invoices, IBAN and BACS transfers, and also international websites like Ebay, Etsy and Ali Baba.

We offer language and cultural support:

Through our own IBP Language Network, we identify and tap into existing networks from the country your business is interested in as a market. Through this network we identify business people in the UK who speak another language and are familiar with the business culture in their native or heritage country. We can use these people as consultants at an early stage and aim to make the right decisions from the outset to save any bother later. We and you can use such people as extensively as necessary. So if you are interested in doing business in Spain, for example, there will be Spaniards and Spanish speakers near your locality who can help you themselves, or give expert guidance on others who can help.

The IBP Language Network also partners with local university language and business departments so your business can tap into their students’ and graduates’ skills in these areas.

What are MicroExports?

Exports come in all shapes and sizes. We naturally think about trucks, trains and container ships criss-crossing the planet when we imagine exports. But at International Business Partnerships we take a wider view. Any book or object can be an export. A service provided by Skype to a client overseas counts as an export. It doesn’t even have to be a physical product, because downloads (eg Kindle books) count as exports. So at International Business Partnerships we define exports from the UK as

Goods or services purchased by a buyer outside the the United Kingdom.

Examples are:

  • The author who sells books to readers overseas. This can be done direct from the author’s website with she/he handling the shipping, or done via an intermediary such as Amazon.
  • The consultant who provides direct consultancy calls or courses to clients overseas. This can be done via Skype or video call, or pre-packaged through software such as Thinkific.
  • The artist who sells an artwork or sculpture to a buyer overseas.

We call the above MicroExports, to differentiate them from the bulk exports shipped by farms and factories.

Our mission at International Business Partnerships is to encourage more exports and more MicroExports.

Believe you can. Believe you should. We can help you.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash


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