IBP Language Network

Language skills make international business more effective

Our mission at International Business Partnerships is to make the UK the most welcoming place in the world to do business.

From our international experience we know many educated people around the world speak English BUT many do not. We know many business people are happy to speak English BUT many are not.

(We call this ESENESE: ‘Everyone speaks English / Not everyone speaks English’.)

Business people in the United Kingdom have differing attitudes to doing business overseas:

They’re self-conscious about not knowing another language and so don’t try to do business overseas. We call these the ‘It’s hopeless’ businesses.

They assume everyone they have dealings with will speak English. We call these the ‘It’s frustrating’ businesses.

Neither of these types of business are effective or welcoming!

Languages are an integral part of the Welcome Package

So IBP’s Language Network seeks to overcome the UK’s language and cultural hang-ups. We aim to make languages a valuable addition to the UK’s business environment: part of the welcome package!

So we work with skilled business professionals who know other languages, or who have worked internationally in other business cultures. They might be sector experts, for example in law, hospitality, agriculture, technology, food/drink. They might have extended networks in their native or heritage countries who they can tap into to help you. This is the IBP Language Network.

These skilled people are business folk from diverse backgrounds and levels of seniority who can act as consultants to help you get on the right track with your target markets as soon as possible. They are not necessarily translators or interpreters. We work with people long-term and understand their background so you can be assured they are serious individuals.

Professional Networking & Events

We run regular networking and events around the IBP Language Network. These are designed to foster fusion opportunities, to share best international practice across sectors and much more. For example we bring together restaurant owners from across the spectrum, such as Italian, Turkish, Indian and Thai to increase visibility, share knowledge and improve community engagement, integration and representation.

Comprehensive Inclusivity

We encourage inclusivity by seeking out and including representatives of every community and language group in our IBP Language Network. These can include recent arrivals such as refugees who want to establish a business, as well as long-established business professionals.

Nurturing Young Talent

We partner with local educational providers, such as schools and local university business and language departments to encourage students and apprentices to gain real-world business experience, using their languages as appropriate.

So, when you are unsure about wanting to do business overseas, stop hesitating! Get in touch with us and we can help you talk to someone about doing business in any location overseas, or with customers from other countries. Make us your first point of call at the start of your journey.


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