Your business doesn’t have to be international but you can and should ensure it is world-class. From there, international markets and exports become so much easier. With tailored programmes, consultancy, coaching, research and events, we work to help our clients move on and move up into the world.


We are a proudly-independent business, not a quango or branch of government. We are business folk with long experience in the UK and internationally who are totally dedicated to helping our fellow business professionals become world-class, and view markets around the world with confidence.


Business is all about trust in relationships and partnerships. These are vital for long-term customers. They help immensely with suppliers, agencies and other organisations. With international business trust is especially important, and it’s where we help our clients to succeed nationally and internationally.

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Bill Fox

After a successful career in national and international sales lasting three decades Bill began his business journey in September 2005 by becoming a certified business coach with the world’s #1 business coaching firm. Since then he has helped hundreds of clients to achieve extraordinary results. During his induction in the USA he was trained by some of the best business coaches in the world. Bill is also a qualified emotional intelligence coach as trained by one of the world’s leading emotional intelligence companies: Roche Martin®

Kent Business Advisers (KBA)

Bill started KBA in 2005 having spent 30 years working for large world-class organisations where he gained a huge amount of experience running other people’s businesses, and working with teams of people across multiple sites in Europe to improve performance, leadership and management. Bill has a wealth of experience that he can call on to help you and your organisation. Read more about KBA

Mark Goldfinch

Mark has an MA in International Security and is a coach, writer and public speaker. He has worked in communications roles for over 30 years in London, Europe and the Middle East, including Egypt, the Gulf countries and Iraq. With a lifelong enthusiasm for languages he first learned French at school then specialised in Arabic from an early age. He has taken an interest in learning other languages when travelling or working, such as Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Hebrew and Thai.

In his professional life Mark worked for blue-chip advertising and PR companies. He was UK IT Training Manager for WPP companies in London including Hill & Knowlton, Mindshare and J.Walter Thompson, as well as Leo Burnett.

In addition to corporate roles, he also worked in civilian roles in Iraq through the conflict. There he ran the Iraqi Translators’ Team in Basra before moving to Baghdad to work as an Arabic media analyst then a political analyst reporting on the situation in Iraq and the wider Middle East region.

Mark is a member of the British Federation of Small Businesses, the Institute of Directors and, as a professional speaker and published author, is a member of the Professional Speaking Association.

Mark’s first book (Steel in the Sand) in 2002 concentrates on the history of modern Egypt. His second in 2015 (Life Junctions) is a personal development book aimed primarily at young adults. He has also written a series of respected books on marketing and communications including ‘Marketing Meditations’ and ‘The Marketing MoT’.

Mark has been a company director since 2011 and so understands the pressures faced by company owners and directors. He founded his communications consultancy in 2013 in order to bring the tools of professional strategic communications, content marketing and digital marketing to small businesses, individuals and startups. To help achieve this from his long professional experience he developed his own communications management system called the OPAL Dashboard. In 2016 he launched his B2B communications consultancy Drive Your Marketing.

At heart International Business Partnerships is a business run by and for business folk: not by civil servants or salaried people. We understand the challenges and satisfaction that come from running our own businesses. So International Business Partnerships is entirely dedicated to ensuring our clients and our communities prosper.

Every business deserves the benefits that come from working with business specialists. We believe businesses should never stop believing they can grow, and never give up being ambitious. We know that growth can come when businesses enter new, unfamiliar markets; perhaps overseas and international markets. From experience we understand this can be challenging, and the rewards can be hugely satisfying.

So at International Business Partnerships we offer world-class support to make our clients world-class. Business support. Language support. Technical and administrative support. No matter how large or small your business is, you can be world-class. You can compete and find new clients anywhere in the world. We are enthusiasts for business excellence, business growth and business communications, and we want to see your business thrive and our communities flourish.

For all these reasons our mission is… ‘Making Business World-Class’. Try a taste of working with us and start making your business world-class, right now.

We are headed by two business people who came together to found International Business Partnerships in 2018 to pool their extensive business experience for the benefit of clients. We have the support and backing of some amazing partners. And if all that isn’t enough, we also offer the IBP Guarantee when we begin working with you.


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