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We’re very pleased to release our first explainer video. International Business Partnerships is a simple concept: we run world-class seminars, workshops and programmes for owners, directors and managers who want their businesses to be world-class: even international. We thought a short video would be a good idea to introduce ourselves and our mission so – of course – Communications Director Mark volunteered to do it.

He knew straight away where would make a great location to film, weather permitting. The National Trust terraces high above Dover Harbour provide a terrific vantage point. On the day of filming the French coast was visible but misty, just 22 miles away.

Mark explains, “It’s important to have in mind the overall concept behind a video before you commit to making it. Have the picture of the finished article in your mind and then work on the detailed storyboard and script.” Mark already knew the location at Langdon Cliffs very well, and knew he simply wanted to introduce International Business Partnerships. “I didn’t have very much time, so just wanted it to be as simple as possible. For one hour of scripting and filming, and about two hours of editing and uploading, I’m actually very pleased with the result!” he said.

He chose early on a Sunday morning in June to record the video. Conditions were sunny but breezy, and with few tourists around at the beginning. With two family members enlisted to help shoot the video, work the iPad and other duties, Mark took a basic rig of tripod, iPad and Lavalier microphone. He edited later at home using iMovie, a programme he is very familiar with.

Mark concludes, “I think this does a good job of explaining what our mission is. I enjoyed making it too. We had a few laughs up there and might even consider doing a blooper version with some funny out-takes if time permits!”

The script for the video comprises just 181 words:

Hello I’m Mark Goldfinch

Being from the part of England closest to France I’ve always looked outwards to the world.

Our nearest neighbours are just 21 miles away from here and over 300 billion pounds worth of freight per year and 10,000 trucks every day pass this way.

I’ve worked for many years in business communications in London and the Middle East.

I sell my books all over the world via my own websites and through Amazon.

I believe exports and international trade are vitally important to helping businesses grow.

So I’m delighted to be able to introduce a smart venture aimed at making more businesses world-class and – ultimately – fostering better international trade links.

We are International Business Partnerships.

You certainly don’t have to be international to work with us….. yet.

You just have to want your business to be world-class.

Then you can decide whether you want to discover more international markets and customers.

To start learning more about the programmes and workshops that can make your business world-class, call us on 01233 668809, visit our website or say hi on social media.

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