Your business doesn’t have to be international but you can and should ensure it is world-class. From there, international markets and exports become so much easier. With tailored programmes, consultancy, coaching, research and events, we work to help our clients move on and move up into the world.


We are a proudly-independent business, not a quango or branch of government. We are business folk with long experience in the UK and internationally who are totally dedicated to helping our fellow business professionals become world-class, and view markets around the world with confidence.


Business is all about trust in relationships and partnerships. These are vital for long-term customers. They help immensely with suppliers, agencies and other organisations. With international business trust is especially important, and it’s where we help our clients to succeed nationally and internationally.

How Can We Help You?

Welcome to World-Class Business

We understand you are proud of your business and what you put into it. You have nurtured and managed it. You have watched it grow in the UK. Congratulations! Now, can you do more?

If you and your team can adopt best practice across your organisation, you will become world-class.

When you make your business world-class, you can look anyone in the eye: customer, client, competitor, supplier. You will know you are worthy of their attention and their business. By becoming world-class you can tap into new markets around the world to nurture and manage more growth for your business.

We are dedicated to helping you, your team and your business become world-class, so you can look the world in the eye and grow.

To help you accomplish that we offer:

  • a full range of world-class, proven, guaranteed programmes and consultancy to tackle all of these pains.
  • the IBP Language Network to reassure and overcome language and cultural concerns.

We are business professionals in business to help other business professionals to prosper, thrive and grow in the world of business. Try us. Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat.

We understand businesses can suffer from some challenges such as:

  • fear
  • risk aversion
  • shyness
  • embarrassment
  • lack of trust
  • confusion
  • insufficient time
  • lack of organisation
  • inefficient processes
  • research problems
  • technical challenges
  • inaccurate customer identification
  • lack of market penetration

International Business Partnerships is totally dedicated to helping you overcome these challenges

Programmes and Consultancy to Make Your Business World-Class

IBP Business Course Catalogue 2018-2019... Click to read more

First, create a great business at home in the UK. How does your business become world-class and even best in class? Yes, by hard work. Yes, by ambition and conviction. But often even they are not enough because, really, business is all about getting a number of activities right, time after time, always. And that’s where our extensive range of proven programmes and consultancy services helps you, just like they have helped hundreds of businesses in recent years.

We are very proud of our programmes and consultancy, and our track record with them. We know they work and we are flexible to suit all times and budgets. When you work us, you are working with experts who have run their own businesses and have all been at the coal-face so they understand your challenges; not just trainers or civil servants earning a salary. Because we believe in benchmarking we offer accountability as standard. We are proud to offer the International Business Partnerships Guarantee alongside our practical support. To help you move to world-class status we also offer ISO compliance and consultancy.

About International Business Partnerships

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Exports and MicroExports

If you’re happy with the results from trading in your local or domestic market: great! But there is a big wide world outside the United Kingdom that can help your business grow and flourish. What’s holding you back?

We know from experience that many business owners and directors are frightened away from overseas and international trade. Do any of these statements sound familiar?

“I have the wrong product or service to bother about exporting.”

“I don’t trust doing business internationally because I’ve heard about corruption and other nasty stories.”

“My business can’t take foreign payments (or even UK payments!).”

“I don’t know anyone in the target market who can help us.”

“I’m embarrassed I only speak English so have to find someone overseas who also speaks English.”

The IBP Language Network

Our mission at International Business Partnerships is to make the UK the most welcoming place in the world to do business. From our international experience we know many educated people around the world speak English BUT many do not. We know many business people are happy to speak English BUT many are not.

So IBP’s Language Network seeks to overcome the UK’s language and cultural hang-ups. We aim to make languages a valuable addition to the UK’s business environment: part of the welcome package!


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